Scientific guidance, innovative ideas

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the operating principle of "scientific guidance, innovative ideas", and has always taken "honesty, trustworthiness and legal management" as its motto for business operations and development, enabling the company to achieve considerable success in the complex and changeable market economy. Development, well received by the society and consumers.

The company pays attention to continuously innovating the connotation of corporate culture. Both operators and managers are practitioners of corporate culture and penetrate the connotation of corporate culture into all aspects of the company, forming the company’s "management culture" and "system" "Culture", "Management Culture", "Harmonious Culture", corporate culture has become a solid foundation for the healthy development of enterprises.


The company pays attention to cultivating employees' ethics and professional behavior, regularly organizes employee training, carries out positive cultural and sports activities and skill competitions, so that employees' values ​​have been improved.


The company has been rated as the "Model Workers' Home of the National Federation of Trade Unions", and has been awarded collective honorary titles such as "Worker Pioneer", "Female Worker Civilization Award", "Worker Pioneer", and several people have been awarded "Model Workers" in the provinces and municipalities. , "March 8th Red Banner Bearer", "Young Technical Expert" and other honorary titles.


 "Integrity to the country, integrity to the society, and integrity to employees" has become the essence of the corporate culture and the source of power for the healthy development of the company.


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